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To be a premier Institution of choice in the region and become one of the leading educational Institutions in the country widely recognized for providing high quality, transformative and affordable value based education in the field of Engineering and Technology.


We are committed to excellence in technical education that is strongly anchored on a system of superior and ethical values and dedication to our long term objective of becoming the premier institution in the field, constantly responsive to the needs of the times and directed to serve the nation and the world.

Total Floor Area of Buildings / Blocks:

S. No. Buildings / Blocks Net Far Area ( Sq.ft )
1 Bhagwan Adinath Block (Mechanical Block) 33199.45
2 Bhagwan Mahaveer Block (ECE Block) 69142.40
3 Bhagwan  Paraswanath Block (PG Block) 42489.00
4 Administrative Block (CSE Block) 50610.22
5 Bhagwan Shanthinath Block (EEE Block) 42774.25
6 Acharya Jaimal Jain Block 50287.00
7 Ladies Hostel Block 16857.90
8 Gents Hostel Block 15547.12
9 Canteen Block 11954.60
10 Cafteria 5002.00
Total Buildings / Blocks Floor Area 337863.94