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To be a premier Institution of choice in the region and become one of the leading educational Institutions in the country widely recognized for providing high quality, transformative and affordable value based education in the field of Engineering and Technology.


We are committed to excellence in technical education that is strongly anchored on a system of superior and ethical values and dedication to our long term objective of becoming the premier institution in the field, constantly responsive to the needs of the times and directed to serve the nation and the world.

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A. Circulation Disk

Enrolment and issue of membership card
Issue of Duplicate Library cards
Issue of no dues certificates
Issue of Books/CD/Journals
Return/Renewal of books
Reservation of books
Reminders for over due books
Loss of books
General Enquiries

B. Stock Maintenance

Shelving of publications
Binding of Books
Tracing of publications
Tracing of infrared publications
Conducting stock verification

C. Bindary

Collection of back volumes for binding.
If any book found in damage send them for binding.

D. Books Acquisition

Receiving suggestion for the procurement of publications from department.
Checking the indents and paying orders with registered renders.
Accessing the publications books, CD, project report.
Sending the procured publications to processing section for technical processing.
Maintenance of files and records for procurement.
Passing the bill for the payment.

E. Technical Processing

Writing process slip for accessing call number.
Pasting the date label in the book and noting the call number.
Date label among with Acc number, Call number, title, Author.
New arrival journals/books send to all the departments.
Arranging the library book along with other processed books to be displayed in call number / subject wise.
Project books displayed in project racks.
Jeevan Vigyan books are disploayed in jeevan vigyan corner.