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To be a premier Institution of choice in the region and become one of the leading educational Institutions in the country widely recognized for providing high quality, transformative and affordable value based education in the field of Engineering and Technology.


We are committed to excellence in technical education that is strongly anchored on a system of superior and ethical values and dedication to our long term objective of becoming the premier institution in the field, constantly responsive to the needs of the times and directed to serve the nation and the world.

1. Adequate housekeeping staff is employed to meticulously maintain hygiene, cleanliness and infrastructure on the campus so as to provide a congenial learning environment.
2. Classrooms, Staffrooms, Seminar halls and Laboratories, etc are cleaned and maintained regularly by housekeeping and Non - teaching staffs.
3. Wash rooms and rest rooms are well maintained. Dustbins are placed in every floor.
4. Cleaning of the campus area are done with the help of the housekeeping team. Gardening and watering of lawns and plants present in the campus shall be performed by housekeeping.
5. Electrical and plumbing maintenance shall be done by the maintenance staff.
6. Periodic reporting on requirements of repairs and maintenance are submitted by the HODs to the Administrative office.
7. The requirements are collectively processed in every semester break so as to keep things ready for the new semester.
8. Campus has Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) for recycle and reuse of water. Treated water is used for irrigation of garden only.
9. College Vehicles are periodically maintained by Transport Department of the college.
10. A part time Medical officer has been appointed in the campus to take care of sick students and staff. All the needy students and staff can get free consultation and medicine.
1. The college website is maintained and updated regularly by the System Admin.
2. Internet related services to all departments are distributed and maintained by System Administrator.
3. UPS / Internet /Computer related problems are reported to System Administrator, who will initiate the process of rectifying the fault.
1. Well structured consumables/equipment purchase system is available.
2. Separate allocation of budget for laboratory equipment maintenance.
3. Regular cleaning of equipment and laboratory is done by Lab technicians.
4. Obsolete and unserviceable equipment are condemned periodically.
5. Annual stock verification is done regularly.
6. Display and dissemination of good lab practices.
1. Accounts of visitors (Students, Teachers and Staff) are recorded on daily basis.
2. Journal/ Magazine, Daily Newspapers, Employment oriented Newspapers are subscribed on a regular basis.
3. Library books are well stacked in accordance with Classification System.
4. Binding of old books are done from time to time.
5. Regular dusting and cleaning is done periodically.
6. Open access is given to students to the books so as to have effective referencing and exploring of new books related to subjects.
Sports facilities:
1. Students are encouraged to participate in extra and co-curricular activities and sport activities and their participation in Institutional, Zonal, University and National level competitions.
2. Regular maintenance is carried out for gymnasium, sports equipment, basket-ball court and sport material from experts in the field.
A private security organization has been appointed to provide round the clock Safety and Security cover to men, materials and infrastructure of the college. CCTV surveillance has been installed all the strategic locations, and monitored by Administration. Procedures for entry and exit timing for visitors has been implemented and maintained.